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The Songtopsy Report

Aug 20, 2018

We're upset. If you always wanted to hear 25 songs about a multi-millionaire complaining about his life then Drake has you covered. From "I'm Upset" to "Ratchet Happy Birthday," we dive into Drake's newest album and discuss his dangerous dance challenges, his appreciation for birthday muffins, and the ensuing gang...

Aug 13, 2018

We take a break from the the bad songs on this episode and focus on the (potentially?) bad idea of holograms of dead musicians performing again. From Tupac to Ronnie James Dio to Michael Jackson, the dead are rising rapidly and, as we discuss, it may not be long before a hologram of Abraham Lincoln mounted to a...

Aug 6, 2018

Is it your birthday today? Cuz it's about to feel like it. Behold the long-awaited professionally done 6ix9ine parody "SHO-GUMMO" by Mike Russell featuring Matt Greif of Stupid Smart. You can check out:

Stupid Smart-

Subletters Web Series-