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The Songtopsy Report

Jan 28, 2020

After dancing around them for years, we finally dive into Nickelback on this week's episode with what is unequivocally their worst song that doesn't rhyme with "shmrotograph." Along the way we shed some light on frontman Chad "Freddy" Kroeger's sordid past (including that one time he almost got a man castrated), and...

Jan 20, 2020

From old country songs about loving your sister too much, to songs about 'sushi girls,' to that B Double O T Y, for the 6th time you the listeners have provided the wonderfully terrible content that we are forced to endure on this week's episode.

Jan 16, 2020

For the first time ever on The Songtopsy Report, an artist we covered on a previous episode not only HEARD our episode on them, but also reached out to us to give us some addition behind the scenes info on how a song with a title like "Mr. Russian, Please Don't Shoot Down Santa's Sleigh" gets made.

Check out Shana...

Jan 13, 2020

Death Metal vocals are frequently considered 'inhuman;' Caninus and Hatebeak just take that one tiny step further. On the first full-length new episode of 2020 we break down 2 different Death Metal bands in which dogs and birds serve as vocalists, and along the way we gain some shocking insight into the...

Jan 6, 2020

In lieu of a full length new episode (because Nick had to up and get sick) we present to you the Mike Russell original song "Sexism in video games" that he had to perform acapella for his feminism 101 class way back in college. Check out the original vid (with a watermark-laden photo slideshow) below!