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The Songtopsy Report

Jul 28, 2020

For the SEVENTH time you, the wonderful listeners, have submitted the songs for us to dissect/suffer through today! From forgotten Pink Floyd tunes to 80's synth pop songs all about grammar to odes to buttholes, this week's episode HAS IT ALL.

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Jul 21, 2020

How did Ludacris, Ozzy’s guitarist, and Chad Kroeger all end up in the same place with a bunch of Canadian f#&kboys at the Hard Rock in Vegas surrounded by half-naked gyrating women? We attempt to figure that out as we dissect the hit song “Porn Star Dancing” by the short lived rock band My Darkest Days

Jul 14, 2020

WE'RE STILL DOING MUSIC PEOPLE, but with Nick gone this week Steve and Mike gift you the first (maybe last?) episode of the experimental history podcast "Are You Telling Me" (formerly "It's History, Stupid)." Join wise teacher Steve and apt pupil Mike as they go through 3 wild and lesser-known historical tidbits,...

Jul 7, 2020

Anti-drug mascot McGruff the Crime Dog branched out into many forms of media throughout his career, including the incredibly obscure pop rock album for kids "Smart Kids (say no to drugs)." With hit songs all about marijuana being a gateway drug to accusatory songs assuming you use crack and cocaine to whatever the HELL...