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The Songtopsy Report

Sep 14, 2021

It's to dissect S-O-N-G-S! This week Mike leads us on a journey through the shockingly turbulent history of The Village People and their immortal classic disco hit "YMCA." Along the way we also do one thing that no one has ever done before; listen to the verses of the song.

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Feb 18, 2019

You probably haven't heard this groovy 1975 disco hit, but boy oh boy does pack a heaping of jarring moments. We dissect this oft-overlooked song by the Austrian disco-singer turned mystical/esoteric author, and along the way Mike discusses his witch-hunting days in upstate New York, Steve critiques music video camera...

Sep 11, 2017

We dive into the best disco song about a controversial Russian historical figure performed by a Caribbean vocal group assembled by a German songwriter and performed in English EVER made. Along the way Mike breaks down the dangers of cruise ship soap, Nick demonstrates how ‘breathtaking’ his ignorance is, and Steven...